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Production of office furniture

Company Profile


Mission: "Help customers make money, make customers happy, make the company strong, and make employees happy"

Vision: "Ensure that every chair sent abroad is safe, environmentally friendly, elegant, based on the world, and well-known overseas"

Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of office furniture, whose products are exported to major cities.

Our principle is to provide you (our customer) with the highest standard of service, and to provide you with excellent and unique technical products as the furniture made in developed countries. Our factory (Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd.) uses the highest quality raw materials, and under strictly controlled manufacturing processes, we carefully create beautifully designed, elegant and ergonomic furniture, with special consideration for the comfort of the human body and the user Degrees. Our employees are skilled professional craftsmen who are keen to produce the best quality products for you, our customers.

For several years, we have always put our customers first, taking into account their wishes and wishes, and providing them with office furniture that suits their exact requirements. Therefore, we have many loyal and satisfied customers who come back to repeat purchases. We will continue to improve our service and quality, and look forward to receiving your inquiries.

Please call our sales office to get a timely and effective response. We look forward to hearing from you.

leader's speech

To all employees

Welcome to the HCYY family. In the competition and selection, we formed a new team of which you are a member.

New team, new mission, new hope.

I really hope we can stand up and move on with our great courage.

I hope we can grow together with our team spirit-openness and cooperation.

The company is committed to creating a relaxed, harmonious, competitive, and innovative working atmosphere, pursuing better KPI performance for the company and all employees.

The company is also committed to providing a more attractive display platform for all employees to tap their potential.

We hope that our long-term partnership will be mutually beneficial and maximize our common value.

I really hope that we can build strong creativity with aggressive ambitions. With a positive mind, an open mind and a good working attitude, all employees create new development ideas, new economic development methods, enrich and perfect the corporate culture, and become a unique corporate logo.

It has improved our overall competitiveness and made the greatest contribution to the continuous growth of a company that is bigger and stronger.