Corporate Overview

HengChang Chair Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of office furniture and our products are sold widely to large cities.

Our principles are to provide the highest possible standard of service to you, our customer, providing you with excellent and unique technology products as good as furniture manufactured in developed countries. Our factory (Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd) uses the highest quality raw materials which are used to build our well designed, elegant, ergonomic furniture under strictly controlled manufacturing processes, specifically to account for the human body and comfort of the users. Our staff are skilled and expert craftsmen, keen to produce the very best quality for you, our customer.

For several years now, we have always put our customers first, taking into account their wishes and desires, providing them with office furniture to suit their exact requirements. As a result, we have many loyal and satisfied customers who come back for repeat purchases. We will continue improving our service and quality and look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Please call our Sales Office for a prompt and efficient response. We look forward to hearing from you.


Mission: "Helping customers to make money, make customer satisfaction, make the company strong, and make employees feel happy"

Vision: "Making sure that every chair send to other countries is safety, environmental and elegant, based on the world, enjoys a good reputation overseas"


1993 Established of Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd.

2008 ISO9001 approval

2011 With the constant development of enterprise production and operation scale, the company set up office chair factory and sofa factory independent factory, for the further development of the company laid a more solid foundation

2012 IOS14000 approval, become the member of chamber of import and export trade

2014 Build up new workshop (65000m2) for functional sofa and leisure chair


To all staffs

Welcome HCYY Family. In the competitions and selections, we build up a new team and you are one of the members.

New team, New Mission, New hope.

I do wish we can stand up and keep going forward with our big courage.

I do hope we can grow together based on our team spirit---Openness and Cooperation.

Our company is committed to building up the relaxed, harmonious, competitive and innovative work atmosphere, pursuing the better KPI performance for company and all staffs.

Our company is also committed to offering a more attractive show platform for all staffs to dig the potentials.

Hope for our long-term partnership with mutual benefit to maximize our common value.

I do hope we can build up strong creativity with an aggressive ambition. All staffs could create a new mindset of development, a new way of economy development, enrich and improve the company culture to become a unique company symbol on the basis of your positive thought, open mindset and good working attitude.

It improves our overall competitiveness and makes the biggest contributions for the continuous growing – the biggest and stronger company.


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